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HOT 98.7 Detroit's Most Requested Song This Week - 'Seeing Things' By RedrumSociety

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By DJ Choice, Sep 27 2020 07:07PM

RedrumSociety was founded in 2008 in South Florida by four newly made friends (Esperanzo Wilcox, Esdras Reymond, Zach Cohen, and Dylan Lerner) of completely different backgrounds in every sense of the word: families, music, culture, and ethnicity. Since Zach Cohen (lead singer) decided to take the band to a new level, the band has been selling releases nationwide rapidly. The new release by RedrumSociety is holding steady at #1 on the Blues iTunes Charts.

Listen to the new single on Apple Music.

To stay updated with new releases by logging on to RedrumSociety's official website.

By DJ Choice, Feb 13 2020 10:57PM

RedrumSociety is gearing up for a new release of their video “Crumble”. The song and video is premiering on Valentine’s Day. After releasing four songs, which had little success, the band finally experienced a victory with their fifth release: “Ego”. The music video gained the up and coming band extra momentum, and the song briefly reached the iTunes pop charts. This is an exciting time for the RedrumSociety as we all await the release of the “Crumble” song and video.

The record is brimming with genuine emotion, beautiful and complex imagery and music, and lyrics that are at once passive and fire-breathing. RedrumSociety is like tossing David Bowie, old U2, Spacehog and lots of Pink Floyd into a blender and pushing the ‘kill’ button. The release of ‘Crumble’ is by far their finest moment, and one that demonstrated their brilliance both musically, lyrically, and creatively.

Stream the new release on iTunes.

Watch the official music video on YouTube.

By DJ Choice, Dec 8 2019 07:44AM

One of Miami's hottest new bands, RedrumSociety, is making noise with their latest release, "Ego". The song is about the emotional and mental aftermath of a breakup, backed by powerful guitar, drum, bass, and intricate vocal harmonies. "I wrote the song after my ex replaced me with basically every friend I thought I had, leaving me to do whatever it took to put my ego back together," said front-man, Zach Cohen. If you like funky pop with an up-beat and chill vibe paired with aggressive revenge lyrics, go check out "Ego" on iTunes today! Music video also available on YouTube.

Download 'Ego' by RedrumsSociety On iTunes.